Reasons to Belong

1. ZERO RISK Best Value Guaranteed

We offer a 2 week 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not totally happy with our services, you can cancel your membership without any penalties. It's just another reason you should start today, risk free! You're invited to be our guest.

2. We make feeling GREAT a way of life!

For the past 35 years, we’ve had the honor and privilege to make a difference in our community and improve thousands of people's lives as the leading resource in health, fitness and wellness. We make feeling good a way of life every day. It doesn't matter what kind of shape you're in now, you can radically transform your fitness level and reshape your life with regular exercise. We'll help you get started, keep you motivated and inspire you to get maximum results safely, effectively and in the least amount of time!

3. We WILL make EVERY visit to our club the BEST part of your day!

Through the years, we’ve learned that people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve health, stay in shape, or simply just feel GOOD, we have the best people and programs to help you reach your goals. Our club provides not only affordable memberships, but more importantly the highest VALUE for beginners to athletes and everyone in between. Known for superior programming and proven results, we are excited to welcome you.

4. Fun, Motivating, Results-Driven Programs

Put aside whatever else is happening in your life and lose yourself in the pure exhilaration of one of our group fitness programs. Ten different cross training results-driven programs make it FUN and EASY for you to get into the best shape of your life - Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Zumba, interval cardio & much more. You’ll fall in love with fitness as our passionate instructors and motivating music guide you through a huge variety of exercise options that will inspire you and change the way you feel about exercise forever. You’ll sweat, you’ll shout, and you’ll leave feeling extraordinary. And tomorrow, you’re likely to come back and do it all again.

5. Variety is the Spice of Life

We have a program for every interest and fitness level. Our newly-designed club features two outstanding new areas for strength conditioning & weight training with a wide array of brand new equipment to support our dynamic team of personal trainers and the growing success of our superior RESULTS-DRIVEN group training programs. Our brand new Group Fitness & Multi-Purpose room will allow you to experience a whole new level of our world-class programs! Plus, this will be the place for other new programs, FUN activities, and games of Basketball.

We also feature New Cardio Exertainment Equipment for your enjoyment with the latest in theater technology for music and personal & big screen television viewing. For those who are tight on time and want fast results, our express programs could be the key to your success. You get all of this and much more in our comfortable, clean facility.

6. No Judgments, Just Encouragement.

Don't join...belong! Don’t exercise…have FUN and create transformation! We may all be different but we still have the same concerns - to be healthy and feel good about ourselves. You'll love our friendly, non-intimidating, upbeat environment, caring team of trainers, instructors and advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

7. Your Friends Come Here

The SECRET to our success is our positive vibe and personal service. We are all about building our own community, surrounding you with motivation and results. The Forum is a great place to meet people and chances are, you already know some of our members - and that's important to your success because studies show you get 4x FASTER results and are most likely to stick with an exercise program when you stay active & fit and exercise with your friends. We offer our fitRewards program so that you can inspire your friends and family to exercise with you. Invite your friends today!

8. Affordable, Flexible Payment Plans & Discounts

Our club provides not only affordable memberships, but more importantly the highest VALUE for beginners to athletes and everyone in between. Known for superior programming and proven results, we are excited to welcome you. We have a membership for everybody. Plus, couples and families are eligible for discounted memberships. Pay-as-you go options available.

9. Your Children Love Us!

It’s time for FUN! Your children will love coming here as much as you do. Take some well-deserved "me time" while we entertain your kids in our well-equipped play area that includes toys, movies, coloring and the chance to play with new friends.

10. Real Results

Member Stories...Everyone's Inspiration! Lasting Results speak for themselves!

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