nRg Bar

Fuel your Motivation with Positive ENERGY!!!

We bring exercise and nutrition together so that you not only achieve your performance goals but live a long and healthy life. Heck, we want to keep you around for a while.

nRg Bar offers the healthiest, most nutrient dense “Shakes” in the world. You will find NO artificial ingredients or colorings, NO synthetic sweeteners and NO hydrogenated oils – just pure and NATURAL Whole Food ingredients.


The truth is, your body is replacing itself continually throughout your life. Each of your 75 trillion cells is replaced at least every 9 months some many more times than that and when you workout, even more often. If you continually consume artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners, your body’s cells will integrate these manmade ingredients when they are regenerated. Ever wonder where Cancer and other degenerative diseases come from? Hmmm….Could there be a correlation?

nRg Bar is meant to provide an oasis of real Whole-Foods so that at least once a day, you can provide your body pure, phyto and macro nutrient-dense Whole-Foods that will help you recover & build new cells.

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