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No more DIETS...It’s time for LASTING RESULTS!

Transform your health & your body, and love every bite with our easy recipes that BURN fat around the clock, without leaving you hungry! Our Fast Track program & ACTIVE Lifestyle Practice gives you a PROVEN system & daily tools to guide you every STEP of the way!

SIMPLE extremely Effective, FAST Fat Loss Solution!

Let's make sure that you have all you need to finally overcome excuses & obstacles, achieve more, and feel your absolute best. YOU CAN lose weight really QUICKLY, in a totally SAFE way, and get ride of many of your health issues… GUARANTEED! After helping hundreds of people transform their lives, I understand the struggle and I know what works. Enjoy SUCCESS with our STEP by STEP plan including delicious personalized menu and customized exercise program…and all the health, WELLth, and happiness you can DREAM of!

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This program is different from anything else out there!

Have you ever had the experience where no matter what diet you’re on, you always end up at the same weight? If you are anything like many of my clients...you may feel like you have tried every type of detox, cleanse & diet - low calorie, low carb, low fat, carb cycling, paleo, keto, vegan, lemon etc., but no matter what, your body always goes back to that same dreaded weight (or higher). Yikes! it’s time to SET things Straight... and get you to your ideal weight.

One of the reasons why you can’t seem to feel great, lose excess unwanted weight, and keep it off is because your body has something called an internal “set-point.” Are you familiar with that term? Many authorities have used this term. Your ‘set-point’ is the ideal weight your body is programmed to be... Many people are convinced that their set-point is written in stone, or it’s locked in our genetics, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I am excited to demystify your story and express that that could not be further from the truth. The reality is that our set-point has been a result of lifestyle habits, and it can be reSet when we do the right things.

Amazing Health Benefits

  • Accelerate your Metabolic Rate
  • Cut Cravings & Hunger!
  • Sleep Better...No Insomnia!
  • Lower Blood Pressure!
  • Relieve Stress & Joint Pain!
  • Increase Energy!
  • Glowing Skin!
  • Lose Belly Fat!
  • Eliminate Migraines!
  • Reverse Diabetes!
  • Lower blood pressure!

FREE Weight Loss/Hormone Seminar

We INVITE You to learn about hormones that have prevented you from losing weight & feeling great! You'll even meet people who've actually done the program, and you could ask them questions also.

I am fortunate and feel extremely grateful to be part of one of the most successful wellness programs worldwide. Our 20/30 Fast Track to weight loss, wellness and feeling great is about light science driven structure naturally balancing your hormones in a totally safe way and relieving many health issues! Our method is a 21st century approach rooted  in the shifting of  one’s set-point.

Get on the Fast Track to feeling your absolute BEST!

The 20/30 Fast Track Program Offers An Easy-to-Follow Plan and Fast Results Because It’s NOT A Diet. This program teaches you a lifestyle that will help you keep the weight off, and maintain your weight for the rest of your life.

Contact Kathleen Pacifico to submit your request to qualify for our exclusive program & reserve your seat BELOW!

I was once told that success is not a secret… It’s a system! I have been blessed over the last 30+ years to experience that firsthand! And as far as I know,  we are one of the very few companies in the world teaching this method. 

“I understand your struggle. In my 30+ years experience, I’ve never seen success like this…REAL people...REAL Solutions...REMARKABLE Results! It’s truly a game-changer!”

Kathleen Pacifico began her journey in the fitness industry after graduating with her degree in Biology over 30 years ago. As a Certified Personal Trainer, she has worked with thousands of people, providing Fitness & Wellness education and coaching on many levels from beginners to athletes, children to executives. Kathleen’s passion grew from one-on-one to group training, becoming certified in World-Renowned Les Mills training, strength conditioning, martial arts, yoga, and TRX to name a few.

As co-founder of Forum Fitness Club, a strong part of her mission is the improvement in quality of lifestyle for Club members, their team, and the community by promoting health & fitness of mind, body, and spirit and making feeling GREAT a way of life...everyday. With her continued education and extensive studies, Kathleen has lead the Forum Fitness Club with the commitment to providing the highest standards in quality facilities, results-driven programs, and professional fitness instruction.

Kathleen continued her journey from fitness into wellness about 7 years ago, partnering with Donna Krech, founder & CEO of 7 national fitness, weight management and life success companies, with 100+ program locations seeing millions of pounds lost and hundreds of thousands of lives changed. Kathleen completed training to be fully certified with the Donna Krech Company as a Wellness Facilitator and Coach, qualified to administer the 20/30 Fast Track to Weight Loss & Health and the Listen to Your Body programs. Driven by her passion for human motivation, performance, nutrition, and yoga, she completed a 200-hour advanced Yogaworks Certification and  her Level 2 certification in advanced Nutrition Coaching with Precision Nutrition. Currently, she  is now completing coursework in Meditation and Mind Body Medicine as well as training in Thai Yoga Massage . Excited to return to her passion of educating members, guiding them personally on their journey, by helping them live life to the fullest. Her mission is simply Helping people stay A.C.T.I.V.E. (Aspiring Consistently Towards Impactful Victories Everyday) & make feeling GREAT a way of life every day...

“It's been an honor and privilege to bring a real solution to our members, our team, and the community. To share in their transformation and help them improve the quality of their lives like never before has been priceless!”

With great enthusiasm, Kathleen invites YOU to learn more about the 20/30 Fast Track wellness program and how you can begin enjoying a happier, healthier, better life TODAY.

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